Transcending Worlds
Through Higher Guidance

Spirit Guide will give you answers to otherworldly questions. We demystify, simplify and illuminate, without fear or mumbo jumbo, the so-called mysteries humans may and do experience in this, the mortal coil.

When we step into the spiritual realm, doors begin to open and we can become magnets for the amazing energies that exist. Once the door is open to the path, we awaken to the knowledge that nothing else feels quite as good as the union with Spirit and the connection to your soul.

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There are so many pathways to God and so much esoteric knowledge and many spiritual forms held within a multitude of modalities.

Along with the understanding of, what is spirituality and psychic intuition, these modalities include comparative religions, meditation techniques, channeling, paranormal phenomena, talking to the dead, guardian angels, Paganism, The Book of Shadows, prophetic dreams, dream interpretations, and reincarnation, complimented by so many amazing divination tools and techniques found within the spiritual and mystical worlds from the Ouija Board to Zen Oracle Cards and so many more.

While exploring these pathways, perhaps the last true frontier, you may find that you want the support of a guide assisting you to new and greater levels of higher guidance, perfecting and promoting your own personal growth and healing. In addition, you may discover that a support system of other like-minded seekers, can be very joyful and beneficial.

It is my mission and that of my Guide, Simeon to assist everyone we touch with the ability to reach their own highest level of spiritual awareness and well-being.

Beyond a source of knowledge and reliable answers to occult and spiritual questions like "What is Spirituality", we also give answers to difficult personal life questions as well as providing comfort and solace through personal intuitive and spiritual readings and counseling. My Spirit Guide, Simeon, will share wisdom from levels of deep knowing and universal truths, to realms of awareness beyond what the mind can really know.

Beyond the Mind

From connecting to other dimensions, past lives, and loved ones who have crossed over, we will provide you the most sensitive and life affirming ways to find your answers, and receive support and personal growth. Along the way, I will share my personal journey and how I have come to be here now.

Through Higher Guidance, Spirit Guide will be your refuge and safe haven for information, inspiration, awareness and healing of your mind, heart, body and soul. I will bring you in-depth, valuable and accurate information for your spiritual path and provide a place to validate what you have felt, experienced, heard or read so you can ask your questions and learn in peace, confidentiality and without judgment.

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Step onto the pathways to Higher-Guidance with Spirit Guide.

This is just the beginning of the greatest journey your soul will ever know.

To setup an intuitive and spiritual reading or consultation with Lisbeth Applefield and Simeon et al, visit our "Services & Contact" page.

Our site is very new so please return often to find great information and added services as we continue to evolve.

Bright Blessings and Namaste,
Spirit Guide,
Lisbeth Applefield and Simeon, et al

Simeon, Lisbeth's Guide and Channel
Simeon walked the earth almost 2000 years ago. He was a spiritual leader and Tribal Elder. He is attributed by some to be the author of the Zohar/Mystical Kaballah
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Lisbeth Applefield, intuitive and spiritual counselor, uses her gifts, channeled guidance and years of study to enter mystical dimensions receiving knowledge for your personal journey and highest good
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